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Watching the Ghost Adventure Weekends To Die For marathon on the travel chanel!!!

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10 more minutes guys!!!! YYYaaaaaayyy!!!!

Text 2 Oct 36 notes Zak can investigate my spirits any day…
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Photo 2 Oct 22 notes alexisrampa:




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noticing that Aaron doesn’t get as much face time in the new episodes :(

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Ghost Adventures Season 8 Episode 2: Black Swan Inn. Full episode in quite good quality! :)

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Is that a shit?
— Zak Bagans. “Black Swan Inn” episode of Ghost Adventures (via sharpiewashere)
Text 24 Aug 124 notes My name is Zak Bacon


I never knew I liked bacon until my mom made it for breakfast

so i set out on a quest to go to the store and make some more

with no big shopping cart hollin around, i am only joined by my fellow wallet and my square credit card

the 3 of us will travel to the store more and make some more bacon



these are our bacon store trip

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100 followers! Thanks so much you guys!

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